poppy and petunia bath

pink himalayan salt bath bomb - kid friendly!

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no. junk. ever! these organic, all natural and vegan bath bombs will check off your entire list of what's considered clean and safe for you and your family. made with few and simple ingredients, these handcrafted bath bombs are a safe and effective way to decompress while soaking in the healing magic of pink himalayan and epsom salts. great for aches and sore muscles as well as those with sensitive skin! also available in the following scents: lavender, lavender rosemary, rose, and wildflower.

7oz round vegan bath bombs, shrink wrapped for transport and freshness. no artificial fragrances, preservatives or dyes. scented with 100% pure essential oils and botanicals. handcrafted by ashley in springfield, missouri. 

brand values we love: handmade | made in USA | women owned | eco friendly | organic | small batch | cruelty free | not sold on amazon