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Thrive Transformative Coaching Package | 12 sessions

Thrive Transformative Coaching Package | 12 sessions

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What does balance look like for you? What habits contribute to your growth and which ones keep you stuck? How does the past continue to hold you hostage and which of your beliefs are hurting rather than helping you? In this deeply healing and transformative journey inward you will....

✨ Learn how to meditate and the many health benefits of daily meditation

✨ Learn about your ego, the power of your mind, and how to cultivate inner peace

✨ Learn how to manage overwhelming and racing thoughts to avoid unnecessary stress & anxiety

✨ Heal events from your past so you can experience emotional freedom

✨ Learn how to feel and heal unpleasant emotions

✨ Learn about boundaries; the benefits and how they can be established without guilt

✨ Be introduced to your inner child and the healing benefits of inner child work

✨ Be introduced to shadow work and the importance of embracing wholeness

✨ Gain clarity and a better understanding and appreciation of your true nature

✨ Experience an increase in self love, self confidence and inner peace

✨ Walk away with tools to transform your life and be your own healer

✨ + much, much more! 

Our collaborative sessions offer incredible insights and real breakthroughs that result in greater self awareness, which is foundational for change. My intention is to support you on this journey of self discovery so that you may experience your truth, your power and your magnificence.

This journey is about coming home to yourself and this package is recommended for those who are ready to do the work and ready for big changes. You will not be the same when this journey is over.


This transformative holistic coaching package is our best value option that includes 12 total sessions aimed at taking you from where you are to where you want to be. Each session is a 60 min personalized and collaborative coaching experience over the phone that can occur weekly or bi-weekly. In person coaching is available for local clients only, upon request. 


Guided meditation for relaxation and cultivation of presence & inner peace during sessions and various resources as it pertains to the client's needs will also be provided free of charge in between sessions, as applicable. Text messaging support between coach and client in between sessions will also be available and free of charge.


Payment plans are available through our website. Coaching may be terminated at any time with a two week cancellation notice. Consumed coaching sessions are non-refundable. our aim is to be flexible and accommodating, please contact for more details.


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