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healing crystal mist | 3 scents

healing crystal mist | 3 scents

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abundance - formulated with refreshing aromas of lemongrass, mint and sage to cleanse, inspire and motivate, this healing crystal home & body mist contains genuine and sustainably sourced citrine crystals used to awaken and manifest greater luck & fortune. handcrafted with love and reiki, this aromatherapeutic spritz is a refreshing way to attract only that which you desire.

lovespritz away self doubt and invite greater self love with this uplifting and healing home & body mist handcrafted with high quality essential oils of vanilla, blood orange & rose. mist includes sustainable sourced genuine rose quartz crystals, the stone for friendship, romance, and self love.

protection - begin your meditation practice with a room & body mist that empowers and cleanses your aura. spritz away unwanted fears and worries with a grounding mist that brings you back to the present moment. a spicy and invigorating combination of cinnamon, black spruce, and clove promotes internal strength and healthy boundaries. genuine obsidian crystals also provide shield of protection against negativity. 

2 fl. oz in glass jar. handcrafted in small batches by alyssa in bridgeport, connecticut 

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