ashes reincarnation cleanser

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enjoy a cleanser that rids your skin of dirt, daily pollution and bacteria. cleansing grains are activated by adding fresh water, the ashes cleanser warms and tingles as it works its magic to calm redness, reduce discoloration and regain your natural youthful glow. USE: Dust your palms lightly with ashes (1-2 scoops), then add cold water to your hands. rub your hands together several times and watch as ashes transforms from a powder to a silky liquid. a warm, tingling sensation should be expected as the vitamin c is activated by adding water to the dry powder. If the solution feels sticky, add a little water until it glides smoothly over your skin. let it rest on your skin for a moment before rinsing with cold water to complete the cleansing action. follow this step with breeze facial toner.

potato powder*, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid (sugar derived), 50+ trace mineral sea salts, coconut milk*, sugar cane*. juniper berry EO, lily of the valley attar, cedarwood EO, lime EO, fir EO, geranium EO, vetiver EO. *organic EO: essential oil

4oz. glass bottle. wildcrafted in st. george, utah.

brand values we love: handmade | made in USA | shop local | women owned | cruelty free | organic | eco friendly