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authentic buddha bracelets gold | handmade in thailand

authentic buddha bracelets gold | handmade in thailand

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handmade in thailand, these buddha bangles are weightless, soundless and waterproof. they are made of polyvinyl carbonate tubing that is somewhat flexible providing some give when sliding over your hand. handcrafted and blessed by thai buddhist monks, the inside of each bracelet contains holy water, buddhist scripture and is lined with gold leaf which is used in thailand for sacred rituals. these bangles are worn for protection and good luck. we have 3 sizes available - small, medium & large. please note that only the small comes with the red beads.

tip: apply lotion on your hands before putting the bangles on and be gentle so as not to break the seal or beads that hold the bracelet together. you can also put a small plastic bag over your hand and then slide the bracelet on that way.

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