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heavily meditated - meditation class for beginners | 1 session

heavily meditated - meditation class for beginners | 1 session

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meditation is like a bath for your mind; it calms, clears and refreshes your mind, connects you to your body and heightens your awareness which are necessary for personal growth, self mastery and self transformation. 

the value of a quiet mind is enormous and cultivating a daily meditation practice will unquestionably enhance every aspect of your life - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual; in so many ways, meditation prepares you for life and here's why:

when the incessant thoughts and noisy chatter of your mind settle, it is from this state of calm, clarity and balance that you'll be able to make the BEST decisions that will move your life forward in ways that serves you, humanity and our planet. 

in this personalized 1:1 meditation class, you will...

✨ enjoy a guided meditation for grounding + relaxation

✨ learn how to meditate

✨ be introduced to the different states of consciousness

✨ understand the benefits of daily meditation

✨ receive an overview of the different types of meditations

✨ discover + curate a practice that works best for you

✨ tips + tools for shifting your mindset and calming anxiety

✨ obtain session notes and various resources for continued learning

✨ leave with greater clarity, peace of mind +  a heightened awareness


this session is 60 mins and will occur over the phone or facetime/zoom. in person coaching is available for local clients, upon request. the session will also include a guided meditation for mind-body connection, grounding and relaxation. once the session has been purchased, you will receive a welcome email within 24 hours with details on available session dates/times.  


session notes with all the information covered in class & resources for further education will be provided at the end of class at no extra cost.


full pre-payment is required and payment plans are available through our website if needed. payment is non-refundable but may be transferrable as a gift card or used towards other holistic coaching containers offered on our website. purchased session must be consumed by 12/31/23. By purchasing this session you are agreeing to our terms & conditions. 

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