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Wildflower Holistic Wellness Coaching | 1 session

Wildflower Holistic Wellness Coaching | 1 session

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The greatest act of self love is to no longer accept a life you are unhappy with. - b.w. 

Whether it's stress, anxiety, relationship problems or a lack of clarity, motivation or self confidence, my 1:1 private coaching sessions offer a safe and supportive environment in which to reconnect with your self, process life events, and identify what's standing in between where you are and where you want to be. 

My 1:1 private holistic coaching sessions are ideal for those who want to...

✨ Talk to a certified professional who genuinely cares, does not judge and listens with loving compassion

✨ Learn about meditation including how to meditate and its many health benefits

✨ Learn how to cultivate inner peace amidst life's responsibilities, pressures and disappointments

✨ Learn how to manage racing thoughts and unpleasant emotions 

✨ Replace old limiting beliefs with new beliefs that are positive, exciting and expansive

✨ Learn about inner child work and the benefits of shadow work

✨ Increase self awareness and overall emotional intelligence

✨ Increase self love and self confidence; learn how to be magnetic

✨ Heal events from the past to experience emotional freedom

✨ Learn about the power of the mind and how to use it to create the life you want

✨ How to establish boundaries and stop people pleasing for good

✨ Embrace a holistic and balanced lifestyle to experience more harmony, love and joy in life and relationships

✨ Discover passions and purpose; Why are you here? What gifts do you have to give?

✨ And so much more!

Our collaborative sessions are personalized to your goals and offer incredible insights and real breakthroughs that result in greater self awareness, which is foundational for change. My intention is to support you on this journey of healing, transformation and self discovery so that you may reclaim your power and experience your truth and magnificence.

Each session begins with a relaxing guided meditation and ends with you feeling more at peace with where you are and excited about where you're going.


This pay as you go option is for clients who prefer greater flexibility with payment and frequency of sessions. Our 60 minute sessions can be held remotely or in person if client is local and can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. This is a personalized and collaborative coaching experience in which client and coach will work in partnership towards desired goals while exploring client-chosen topics.


Guided meditation for relaxation and cultivation of presence and inner peace during sessions and various resources as it pertains to the client's needs will also be provided free of charge in between sessions, as applicable.


Coaching sessions will be conducted over the phone and the date & time for each session will be mutually agreed upon between client and coach. Our aim is to be flexible and accommodating with your schedule. Coaching can be terminated at anytime with a two week cancellation notice. Payment for each session must be received 48 hours prior.


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