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wildflower holistic wellness coaching | 1 session

wildflower holistic wellness coaching | 1 session

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the greatest act of self love is to no longer accept a life you are unhappy with. whether it's stress, anxiety, relationship problems or a lack of clarity, motivation or self confidence, our 1:1 private and confidential coaching sessions offer a safe and supportive environment in which to reconnect with your self, process life events, and identify what's standing in between where you are and where you want to be. 

our personalized, collaborative and thought-provoking sessions are deeply healing and transformative offering incredible insights and real-life breakthroughs that will guide you towards making choices that help rather than hurt you. your self awareness will increase and you will also develop a better understanding of what overall health and balance looks like for you. 

each session will leave you feeling lighter, more at peace with where you are and excited about where you're going.

$75 introductory rate ending 12/31/22.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.


this pay as you go option is for clients who prefer greater flexibility with payment and frequency of sessions. our 60 minute sessions can be held remotely or in person if client is local and can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. this is a personalized and collaborative coaching experience in which client and coach will work in partnership towards desired goals while exploring client-chosen topics.


guided meditation for relaxation and cultivation of presence & inner peace during sessions and various resources as it pertains to the client's needs will also be provided free of charge in between sessions, as applicable.


coaching sessions will be conducted over the phone and the date & time for each session will be mutually agreed upon between client and coach. our aim is to be flexible and accommodating with your schedule. coaching can be terminated at anytime with a two week cancellation notice. payment for each session must be received 48 hours prior.


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