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heal & affirm crystal bracelets

heal & affirm crystal bracelets

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I AM divine - known for activating spiritual awareness, amethyst is a beautiful and powerful stone that promotes self-healing while enhancing one's intuition. genuine matte amethyst with rudraksha beads and rose gold plated floral spacer. size small/medium.

I AM grounded - red carnelian helps you to feel grounded, centered and strong. it is believed to increase motivation, enhance creativity, improve concentration and attract success into your life. genuine carnelian with gold spacers number of spacers on elastic. 

I AM joyful sunstone is an energizing stone that inspires a positive outlook and healthy boundaries. genuine sunstone with rose gold plated spacers on elastic. 

I AM powerful - golden blue tiger's eye is a powerful stone for protection, success, happiness and confidence. a grounding stone that calms and encourages balance, it is paired with rudraksha beads to promote inner peace and freedom from negative thoughts. genuine golden blue tiger's eye and rudraksha with gold plated spacers on elastic. 

I AM protectedone of the most powerful  protective stones, black tourmaline removes fear, boosts self-confidence and promotes overall balance. genuine black tourmaline with hematite spacers on elastic.

I AM worthy - the stone of love, rose quartz opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self love, friendship and feelings of deep connection, acceptance and inner peace. genuine matte rose quartz with silver spacers on elastic. 

handcrafted with love in small batches by sanaz in troy, virginia. all sizes are approximates.

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