lucky and loved | bath ritual kit

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invite greater self-love and prosperity into your life by lighting this ceremonial premium soy crystal candle whilst soaking in the healing magic and beauty of this custom blend herbal bath tea. vibrantly scented with organic frankincense, myrrh and orange essential oils which are known for reducing stress, improving memory, lifting one's mood and calling in abundance, this bath ritual kit is the perfect pick me up for when you're feeling down and your energy and creativity are blocked. 

instructions: run a bath with water as hot as you can. fill compostable tea bag (included) with 1/3 of the blend. add to your bath and let "steep" until the water is cool enough to touch. light charmed candle and set your intentions for inviting greater love and abundance into your heart and life. step into the magic you've created, breathe deeply and enjoy.

kit includes: herbal bath tea soak (makes 3 baths) | 4oz. charmed ritual soy crystal candle with a wooden wick and rose quartz crystals on top | handcrafted wooden gift box with wood shavings and dried herbs and flowers. all items are handcrafted in the USA in small batches using organic + all natural ingredients. 

brand values we love: made in USA | women owned | organic | all natural | vegan | small batches | eco-friendly | not on amazon