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coconut milk & herbs | crystal energy healing bath bomb

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aside from aesthetics, there are many wonderful benefits to soaking in a milky white bath of coconut milk and dried herbs. coconut milk is amazing for your skin. the essential fatty acids found in coconut milk help to hydrate and balance the skin's pH while its natural anti-inflammatory properties soothe redness while nourishing dry, itchy skin. the result is balanced, healthy, and glowing skin. in this specialty vegan bath bomb of coconut milk & herbs is also a sustainably sourced crystal. blessed by an energy healer, the electromagnetic charge in each stone is said to offer healing vibrations that work to restore your natural flow of energy by removing blockages around the body. crystals can also be kept for later use during meditation to further heal and balance. as with all things natural, color and sizes may vary.

3.5" in diameter. bath bomb is palm free. shrink-wrapped for transport. handcrafted with love by cassandra in north conway, new hampshire. 

brand values we love: handmade | made in USA | small batch | eco friendly | vegan | organic | sustainably sourced | cruelty free | women owned | not sold on amazon