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protection crystal candle - amethyst, lavender + rosemary

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for centuries and throughout many different cultures, amethyst, lavender, and rosemary have been used to cleanse and evoke feelings of calm, strength and protection. the amethyst stone is a natural tranquilizer that soothes irritability, sadness and grief by absorbing and dissolving negative energies. the burning of lavender and rosemary essential oils also creates a relaxed ambiance that promotes positivity and creativity by enhancing one's intuition and spiritual awareness. hand poured in california with wicks made from recycled wood, these eco-friendly candles are the ideal companion for a relaxed evening or for getting into a meditative, spiritual state! 

4oz non-gmo soy candle in glass jar. handcrafted with love by caitlin and christina in vallejo, california.

brand values we love: handmade | small batch | women owned | eco friendly | all natural | clean & sustainably sourced ingredients | not on amazon