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Chakra Etched Selenite Wands for Healing & Tranquility

Chakra Etched Selenite Wands for Healing & Tranquility

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Raise your vibration with this delicate gemstone of purification! Selenite is a master healing stone that invites clarity of mind, tranquility, and deep healing. Used by healers to cleanse auras, selenite is one of the best crystals to keep around the home & office - It protects against negativity while bringing forth high vibrations of harmony and peace.

Place your selenite wand near your bed, on your meditation alter, desk, or on window sills. the chakra etched selenite wand can also be placed on your chest during meditation or even while napping to cleanse & balance your mind, body, & spirit. Approximately 8" long. please do not get wet! Each wand comes with a guide for how to care for your crystals.

Handmade in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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