i am intuitive | wildflower mala bracelet

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a calming stone, amethyst is a natural tranquilizer that helps to relieve stress, soothe irritability, balance mood swings and dispel anger, fear, and anxiety. the amethyst stone is a powerful healing stone that also protects against negativity and enhances one's intuition and psychic abilities. size xs/small. amethyst with gold spacers on elastic. small batch, only 1 available.

handcrafted with love by sanaz in troy, virginia.

artist values we love: handmade | small batch | made in usa | woman owned | ethically sourced 

psst! please avoid wearing carnelian with amethyst! while carnelian crystal boosts a person’s energy, amethyst works to calm it down which means they will cancel each other out and thereby send confusing signals to your chakra which may cause feelings of discomfort, confusion or uneasiness.