welcome to the wildflower gallery, a uniquely curated space for emotional healing and personal transformation. with an emphasis on self care and holistic wellness, the wildflower gallery offers products and services that nourish the mind, body and soul. whether personal, professional or through life's transitions, our holistic coaching sessions will reconnect you with your true self and support you in moving forward with greater peace, clarity and confidence. schedule your free consultation with a certified holistic coach today or visit our nature inspired gift shop.

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"The wonders of holistic coaching with Stevie!"

The wonders of holistic coaching with Stevie! I am so happy to have a holistic life coach, Stevie in particular is a wonderful, amazing, insightful woman whose insights and teachings are life changing. I started with Stevie right before a new job that I knew would be challenging and stressful. Not only has it given me great tools to succeed in this kind of environment, 2 months in I am still loving every day and putting the best me forward everyday. Outside of work my life has also transformed, my anxiety levels before I started with Stevie were bad, like didn’t like to go out of the house at times, bad, now I am able to move freely where I want to go with purpose and also know when to say no for self care reasons. I don’t know what I would do without Stevie helping me every step of the way. I start my week off with Stevie and it sets me up for a successful week both personal and professional. Stevie is so authentic and true. - Ian, Virginia

"My life is opening up and I'm growing in ways I'd been dreaming of for years."

My life is opening up and I'm growing in ways I'd been dreaming of for years. I’m seeing changes in my ways of thinking and acting so much quicker than I could in therapy. Stevie has been a dream. She has such an infectious love for life, people and people growing in their lives! She’s so open and easy to talk to. She listens wholeheartedly yet also keeps you on track. That being said, it is also very fluid and if a box is opened that needs to be explored then you’ll probably go down a winding road to learn essential things about yourself. She will lead you on a path to accepting and loving yourself while making radical changes for your future best self that you didn’t know was possible. I chose to focus on inner peace and decreasing my anxiety. The path we took together was unlike how most therapists had before and I truly feel like I got cracked open and in that openness I became more whole and happy. I could say nothing but wonderful things about this program and Stevie. - Roxanne, North Carolina


    whether personal, professional or through life's transitions, holistic coaching reconnects you with your true self and supports you in moving forward with greater peace & confidence.

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"I would whole-heartedly recommend Stevie as a holistic coach!"

I started working with Stevie about 3 months ago, with an overall goal to improve my time management and focus. With her incredible insight, support and guidance she’s taught me how to set achievable goals and hold myself accountable for them. She has given me the tools to understand what my priorities are and effective ways to overcome my challenges, one of which is time management. Wether it be through the journey of a book, poem or article, she provided helpful resources, in addition to her thought provoking questions during our sessions. All of which covered many aspects of the mind, body & self-care, and how it relates to my over-arching goal. She also introduced me to forms of meditation to re-set my mind and feel more present. I thank Stevie for the opportunity to better myself and become even more self-aware. She is an amazing coach & her dedication & passion shows! I would whole- heartedly recommend Stevie as a holistic coach! - Marissa, Virginia

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"I don't think I've ever been more inspired to be my best, brightest, and truest self."

I don't think I've ever been more inspired to be my best, brightest, and truest self. Just one session with Stevie and I already feel physically lighter, like a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders, and I am genuinely excited to work on being whole again! I found it incredibly easy to voice my true feelings and doubts and wants and fears, things I usually have difficulty admitting to myself, and it was so freeing and relieving just to say them out loud. If just one session has me feeling this positive and confident, I absolutely can't wait to see what's in store for the future! - Rachel, Texas

"to see a world in a grain of sand

and a heaven in a wild flower 

hold Infinity in the palm of your hand 

and eternity in an hour."

- william blake