Collection: Holistic Coaching

Are you highly critical of yourself and others?

Is it difficult for you to receive criticism; are you easily triggered and reactive?
Do you struggle with anxiety or racing, worrying thoughts?

Do you find it difficult to feel or express your emotions? 

Do your relationships bring you joy or are they a source of anxiety, stress and frustration?

Are you harboring resentments that you're ready to release?

Do you want to experience more presence, peace and joy in your life and relationships?

In learning about yourself on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels, Holistic Life Coaching ignites positive transformation through self understanding. Each private session is a 60 minutes personalized coaching experience designed to awaken you to your true nature and inspire you to step into your fullest potential. My intention is to be your guide and provide you with a safe and supportive environment in which to process life events so that you can move forward with clarity, confidence, peace and joy. 

Whether personal, professional or through life's transitions, The Wildflower Gallery's Holistic Life Coaching will take you from healing to coping to thriving.

Are you ready to Bloom?