Collection: holistic coaching

"we can only see as far into this world as we can see into ourselves." - mark nepo

what must you overcome in order to achieve your greatness? how does your past and personal perceptions impact your relationships? what needs to change for you to experience more love in your life?

holistic coaching takes the whole person into consideration by exploring the ways in which our experiences rest in a web of interconnectedness: thoughts generate feelings which lead to actions that result in consequences -the life we're currently living. in learning about ourselves on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels, holistic coaching ignites transformation by reconnecting you with your true essence and supports you in moving forward with greater clarity, confidence, peace and joy.  

whether personal, professional or through life's transitions, the wildflower gallery's holistic coaching services will take you from healing to coping to thriving.

popular coaching topics: managing & healing emotions; reducing stress & anxiety/cultivating inner peace; embracing change & uncertainty; increasing self confidence; improving communication; establishing healthy boundaries; self love & forgiveness; postpartum & parenthood; leadership & career changes; organization & time management.

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